"Joy with the music that can be produced with brass instruments" — in essence this is our motivation, why we regularly meet for rehearsals and at one occasion or another   in the context of concerts or on special occasions – perform classical and modern brass music. "We", well these are committed brass players from the region around Wetter (Ruhr), Herdecke and Hagen.


Sound of Brass

Classic and modern brass music

Welcome. We are Sound of Brass, a brass group from the region Wetter (Ruhr), Herdecke and Hagen.

Each of us loves his instrument and has been playing it for many years with increasing enthusiasm in various ensembles and choirs. Loosely acquaintances became friendships and the desire to make brass music sound – from the different eras of music history.

And so we met for the first time on March 17, 2018 for a common rehearsal. Everything else was found.

We organize concerts and accompany other events such as weddings, anniversaries or corporate events – depending on the occasion, we prepare the appropriate musical setting.

In case you do not know us yet, that's – us:

We would be happy to meet you at one of our next concerts or to accompany you musically at your individual event.

Sound of Brass
Brass musicians for the joy of music

Why are we?

  • Fascinating sound pictures The interaction of different brass instruments can create wonderful sounds that evoke different emotions – from deeply felt pain to exuberant joy.
  • Esteemed community Developing music together, rehearsing together and sharing experiences beyond that – in the circle of like-minded people.
  • Inspire people The aim to transfer one's own enthusiasm for brass music to others.

Sound of Brass – Brass musicians for the joy of music

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