"Joy with the music that can be produced with brass instruments" — in essence this is our motivation, why we regularly meet for rehearsals and at one occasion or another   in the context of concerts or on special occasions – perform classical and modern brass music. "We", well these are committed brass players from the region around Wetter (Ruhr), Herdecke and Hagen.


Other events

A very special occasion deserves a very special setting. First and foremost, it is the people who make the day something special. However, whenever a certain festive atmosphere is desired, musical accompaniment may not be lacking.

After all, you marry – if it goes well as wished – only once in a lifetime and enjoy 25, 50 or more years of togetherness. And you celebrate only once your round birthday in the circle of good friends. And if your own company has reached a milestone, then this should be a nice reason to celebrate together with the employees.

If you like, we not only give your ceremony the musical framework, but also record one or the other memory in picture and sound.

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