"Joy with the music that can be produced with brass instruments" — in essence this is our motivation, why we regularly meet for rehearsals and at one occasion or another   in the context of concerts or on special occasions – perform classical and modern brass music. "We", well these are committed brass players from the region around Wetter (Ruhr), Herdecke and Hagen.



Ice cold and well shaken!

"Ice cold and well shaken!" – under this motto, we cordially invite you to ring in the cooler, but thoroughly auspicious season with us on

Sunday, November 27, 2022 (1st Advent) from 17.00 (admission from 4.15 p.m.).

After we were able to welcome spring in the beautiful Catholic Church of St. Marien Eickel in mid-May, you can now expect another well-shaken mixture of classic and modern pieces, which span a period of several centuries and which we will serve you ice cold.

Included are pieces by Christian Sprenger, Dieter Wendel, Georg Friedrich Händel, Gioachino Rossini, Ingo Luis, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jürgen Hahn, Louis Armstrong, Marc Antoine Charpentier, Michael Schütz, Nicolas Chédeville, Scott Joplin, Traugott Fünfgeld, Tránsito Cocomarola, Ulf Pankoke, Werner Petersen.

In an accompanying moderation, which is again carried out by Karsten Rinke from Mülheim, you will get in the mood for the pre-Christmas period.

As always, admission is free. If you enjoyed the concert, we would be very happy to receive a kind donation at the exit.

We are also happy to provide you with a small "sound sample" for a preliminary taste:

This text will be replaced
Author: Torsten Mühlhoff
Title: Sound of Brass - Sound smaple

The venue

The Catholic Church of St. Marien Eickel is located in the south of Wanne-Eickel on the border with Bochum.

Christians from the Catholic communities, priests and community leaders in Wanne-Eickel offer a church room with new breadth and flexibility in the Church of St. Marien.

All benches are outsourced and this creates space for a wide variety of events - including our concert.

The acoustics in the interior of the church are just wonderful: despite the large room, the tones don't roll over - the reverberation time is in a desirable range and a special, pleasant atmosphere is created, which also enables faster rhythms.

The interior is also very modern and inviting with its large terracotta-colored tiles and large church windows.

Also visit the website of #KIRCHENEU in Wanne-Eickel.

Your way to the venue

The Catholic Church of St. Marien Eickel is located in the south of Wanne-Eickel on the outskirts of Bochum.

And now we wish you a lot of anticipation for our concert "Winter of Brass". We look forward to you.

Note: This concert takes place in cooperation with the Catholic parish of St. Marien.


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