"Joy with the music that can be produced with brass instruments" — in essence this is our motivation, why we regularly meet for rehearsals and at one occasion or another   in the context of concerts or on special occasions – perform classical and modern brass music. "We", well these are committed brass players from the region around Wetter (Ruhr), Herdecke and Hagen.



"Sound of Brass & Friends" will be involved!

"What confidence is this" is the slogan for the German Protestant Kirchentag 2019 in Dortmund from June 19 to 23, 2019. Overcoming the crisis of confidence together. Trust can not be ordered. Only those who are willing to trust others can also gain trust. The slogan stimulates to discuss together in which world we want to live and in which world not.

Every two years, the Kirchentag captivates a city for five days. Over 100,000 people of all ages, religions and backgrounds come together to celebrate the feast of faith and to reflect on and discuss the issues of the times.

The Kirchentag invites you to get involved. It does not pretend what is right or wrong, but opens an open and belligerent dialogue - whether before 1989 in the East-West conflict, during the debate on NATO retrofitting in the 1980s, or currently on the world economy and social justice. So the Kirchentag is a social forum of discussion and community. There are also many personalities who give the Kirchentag a face.

We are happy – and are also a bit proud of – being able to accompany one of the 3 grand opening services musically. We, of course, are the Musicians of Sound of Brass and 4 other very dedicated and sympathetic musicians from the region, we would like to introduce to you.

The "Kirchentag friends" of Sound of Brass

Peter Michael Westhoff, Tuba

Good Morning! If I may introduce myself briefly: My name is Peter M. Westhoff and I'm 27 years old. I'm currently studying music and physics for teaching in the beautiful bicycle city of Münster. In addition to my studies I lead the CVJM trombone choir in Hemer and his instrumental training (young player). You can also meet me in various brass ensembles, the BundesJugendPosaunenchor, the pedagogical brass quintet "Muenster", Galaxy-Brass and a few others. My main focus is on the low registers (trombone, euphonium and tuba). In addition to all the music, I enjoy cycling, fellowship with family and friends and life around and with nature.

Peter Dembler, Trombone

Already on my 14th birthday I had a first encounter with a trombone. It was a moving moment for me when my grandfather gave me his old trumpet saying "Da!". After a few years of training, I now make music in all possible musical settings, in which the trombone plays a role. Whether brass band, dance orchestra, big band or trombone choir. I love the stylistic diversity and the timbre change in this musical range and therefore like to change sometimes to the tenor horn or euphonium. The musical opening of a Kirchentag is a score still missing in my colt!

Gerhard Scheil, Trumpet

Since about 50 years I am musically active in different trombone choirs and brass bands. In the last 10 years as choirmaster, among others.

Ernst Ruhwedel, Trumpet

At the age of nine I started playing trumpet and practiced in interplay in a Hagen trombone choir. During my schooling and studies, I played in various groups and led a brass ensemble at the University of Dortmund. Since my studies I regularly play solo concerts with trumpet and organ, work in various brass ensembles and perform concerts with various chamber orchestras. At the moment I lead the trombone choir in the Matthäuskirche (Matthäus Brass) in Hagen and the school orchestra at the Fichte-Gymnasium in Hagen. I am pleased to be able to actively participate in this group on the Kirchentag.

A musical greeting

Of course, this year's message of the Kirchentag "What confidence is this" is also the focus of the opening service on the Hansaplatz. We will open this up musically and give it a brassy note at one point or another.

From our first rehearsal together on the 31st of March we have cut a little musical greeting for you. Perhaps you will recognize one or the other sound during the opening service – just let yourself be surprised.

This text will be replaced
Author: Torsten Mühlhoff
Title: Sound of Brass & Friends - a musical greeting

Your way to the venue

The Hansaplatz is located in the heart of Dortmund.


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